Clean Mobile Home Title

Having a clean or perfected mobile home title is extremely important —to both homeowners and lenders. Without a clean title, a previous owner of a mobile home could make claim to the home or allege that a fraudulent transaction occurred.

The lack of a perfected title can also impede resale of a home by an owner or even result in a homeowner losing their mobile home altogether. Litigation fees can run into many thousands of dollars trying to perfect a title after the fact. Without a clean title, there is no definitive proof the present “owner” is the legal owner.

Likewise, lenders will face serious problems during foreclosure or owner bankruptcy if a lien was never perfected. The lender could lose all claims to the property even if the borrower never pays for it. Other scenarios can create nightmares. If a financial institution lent money for real estate (land) and an improperly titled mobile home, the situation will become even thornier if a buyer defaults. Without a clean title, the lender may be required to move the mobile home off the land to gain possession of the land – at great expense – with no claim to the mobile home.

Another complication occurs if a previous lienholder’s security interest was never properly released. In that circumstance the prior lienholder may claim a first security interest preempting the new lender’s claims in foreclosure or bankruptcy. If a prior lienholder is no longer in business and was located in a state with unclear title clearance procedures, it may be necessary to file legal motions to resolve the situation.

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